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This section contains news items relating to Halal in the UK and Internationally.

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02 October 2013

Muslims in China fed pork

Police in Xi'an, the capital of China's Shaanxi province, have seized more than 20 thousand kilograms of pork being sold off as halal beef products. Read more...

01 September 2012

Say Hello to Halal

Understand halal, or miss out on an enormously business opportunity. According to a recent estimate, 23% of the global population, or 1.57 billion people, are Muslims, with a massive and growing population among our near neighbours in South East Asia. Read more...

30 April 2012

30th April 2012 - Lamb Kebabs Not Just Lamb

Beware the next time you order a lamb kebab - as consumer watchdogs have discovered that every one they tested contained a concoction of other meats. An investigation by trading standards officers has revealed that none of 20 lamb kebabs tested contained just lamb - while four lamb curries out of 19 did not contain any lamb at all. Read more...

26 April 2012

26th April 2012 - US teens 'getting drunk on hand sanitiser'

An increasing number of US teenagers are drinking hand sanitiser and mouthwash because it contains alcohol, police in Albuquerque say. Some youngsters are even distilling the products to get a stronger hit. Read more...

12 March 2003

12 March 2003 - Tests find water and animal proteins in chicken

Results published today demonstrate a continuing problem with added water and animal protein in chicken supplied to restaurants and takeaways. Read more...

10 March 2003

10 March 2003 - Beef and pork proteins found in imported chicken

The UK is still a dumping ground for thousands of tonnes of cheap chicken adulterated with water and beef and pork proteins, according to food safety watchdogs. The Guardian has learned that new tests by the food standards agency have detected beef and pork DNA in Dutch chicken on sale in this country. Read more...

06 November 2002

06 Nov 2002 - Update on the Risk of BSE Infected Meat

Dr A Majid Katme, spokesman on Halal Meat and Food for the Muslim Council of Britain, attended a meeting arranged by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on Saturday 2 November 2002. The meeting was organised to provide updates on the BSE and Sheep Stakeholders' Report, released in May 2002. Read more...

08 July 2002

08 July 2002 - BSE risk over chicken injected with beef

Vast quantities of frozen chicken adulterated with beef protein powder, which the authorities admit could present a risk of BSE, are being consumed in Britain, a Guardian investigation has revealed. Read more...

23 June 1991

23 July 1991 - License of Exemption from Regulations of Normal Livestock Slaughter

Report on the welfare of livestock when slaughtered by religious methods. The only exemption provided in the legislation for the Jewish and Muslim communities is from stunning; other parts of the law concerning the Welfare of the Livestock at the Slaughter apply to all forms of Slaughter. Read more...