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Over the years, the demand for Halal certified products has increased dramatically. The global market in Halal is estimated to be valued in excess of £230bn. The UK market alone is valued between £4.2bn - £5bn.

Muslims in the UK who number approximately 3% of the population (2.5m people) consume 20% of all meat!. For Muslims, there is no choice but to consume Halal, which is a central tenet of Faith. With the growing awareness on the issues of Halal, consumers are looking for additional assurance before consuming meat – they are looking for suppliers to be certified by an independent organisation - and increasingly this means HMC.

Also many Muslim Countries including the Malaysia, United Arab Emirate and Saudi Arabia will only accept export meat with a valid and recognized certified body. HMC is recognized globally as one of the most trusted brands, that delivers against the highest standards in Halal compliance.

Numerous companies continue to choose the HMC Halal certification, whilst enjoying the marketing privileges the HMC certification offers.

Benefits of HMC Certification